Humanitarian internship

Humanitarian internship : International Horizons helps you to get an unforgettable experience.

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Why should you do international solidarity ?

A humanitarian internship is an amazing experience : you will not only increase your skills, but will also live a rich experience.


 This kinf of experience are really appreciated by recruiters ! Bring help to Others, and build your CV.

Humanitarian internship : combine human and work.

International Horizons offers you the opportunity to go on humanitarian internship. Discover our program ‘humanitarian internship‘. This adventure would be rich in humanity. This program offer a complete package : internship + host and food. International Horizons brings you to Senegal for an experience out of ordinary !

This experience is also the way to increase your skills. Senegal is also the best opportunity to discover the african francophonie.

Internship in solidarity international

To be part of our humanitarian program, you just need to sign in. The price is 400€, whose 100€ are donated to the association that welcome you for your internship. The program include accomodation and food for 155€ per week.

Let’s go for your internship in humanitarian solidarity : you are about to live one of the best experience in your life !