Internship in Africa

Internship in Africa : International Horizons helps you to go on internship in Africa ; a taylor-made experience for an amazing stay in Africa.

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Internship in Africa

Do you wish to have an internship in Africa ? We are here to help you.

We really think than an internship is a rewarding experience. An internship in Africa is an amazing opportunity. You discover the Red Continent, polyglot and multiethnic.

In Africa we offer several destination : Mauritius, Senegal and South Africa. Consult our blog online, or just sign in to get in touch with our team ! We advice you to build your internship abroad, and then find your internship in Africa.

We find a taylor-made internship, to fit with your criteria, and school requirement. The paiement of our service is 400€ : you only paid when the agreement is signed by the company, so there is no commitment. Before to contact us, don’t forget to update you CV : we will need it to set up your experience. Please, be aware that it’s compulsory to get an agreement : we won’t accept request without agreement, but no worries : we get solutions.

Let’s go for your internship in Africa !

How to go on internship abroad ?

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Easy : you just need 3 minutes to sign in on our website. The team call you back in the next 48 hours in order to set up your best internship abroad. No limit for the areas : you decide what you want to do during your experience in Africa !

  We take care of you

Nothing easiest : you just need to be patient. International Horizons take care of everything. We will find you an internship that fit perfectly with criterias you give us. As soon as we find it, your get an interview with the company. It’s the last step before to get your agreement sign !

     You fly to Africa

If the company and you agreed on the internship : International Horizons make sign the agreement. You just need to book your flight and let’s go to Africa ! We are avalaible during your internship period, and even after.

Mauritian culinary specialities

The culinary specialities of Mauritius! Let's go! Believe me, you're going to enjoy yourself during your Mauritian internship. The Mauritian Sandwich : We are not going to lie to ourselves, the dwich' is a nice thing when you are a student, that...

Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius

Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius: why not combine lazing around and an internship abroad? Mauritius is very demanding in terms of engineering profile: the team can find you the internship abroad that perfectly matches your expectations! Here is a list -...

I am on an internship in Mauritius, where do I travel during my internship abroad?

I am on an internship in Mauritius, where do I travel during my internship abroad? Let's face it: you're going to be quite limited! Internal flights in Africa are not so excessive, but Mauritius is relatively far from other countries! However, a selection of 5...

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Internship in tourism in South Africa

Internship in tourism in South Africa

An internship in tourism in South Africa: it is possible, and even recommended! Eco-tourism, business tourism, maritime or seaside tourism; anything is possible! Discover with the help of these few lines, the possibilities for your internship in tourism abroad, in...

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More informations about your internship

Internship in South Africa

Internship in South Africa : let's go to Cap Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg for your internship abroad ! The country of Nelson Mandela is full of cultural diversity, and is one of the most powerful economy of Africa. Every student can find what he wants in South Africa ! Before to go on internship in Africa, you must be aware of the cultural differences ; as an exemple, the relation of time is really different ! South Africa is a big country ; we will find internships aonly in the cities we know and ever visited ! Going on internship in Africa with International Horizons means to get an amazing, and safe experience. Feel free to check our blog and find all our tips about South Africa, and others countries we offer for an internship abroad !

Humanitarian project

Humanitarian project, humanitarian internship, international solidarity: we let you give the name you want to your experience abroad. International Horizons builds your humanitarian experience, tailor-made with local partners. In particular, we have developed close links with several Senegalese associations, but also in South Africa (but also in Asia, South America and Europe!). As part of humanitarian projects, it is a complete pack that is proposed, including internship / volunteering, housing, food. Icing on the cake: we donate € 100 to the association that welcomes you for your humanitarian experience! To learn more, visit our blog internships abroad, humanitarian tab!

Internship in the Western Africa

West Africa: it is impossible for us to summarize this geographical area in a few lines! West Africa is a huge area, encompassing one part of sub-Saharan Africa, another part of the Sahel and others! West Africa is full of different cultures, and is home to peoples with different origins. West Africa benefits from a variety of influences, whether they come from the ethnic groups that populate the area, the former colonial countries, or the trade that exists between West Africa and all continents. Nevertheless, we have a specialist in these countries who can tell you about it from your first appointment! Because yes, at International Horizons: we only offer countries that a member of the team has already visited!