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Doing an internship in Indonesia it’s having an experience in the biggest archipelago of the world – 17508 islands ! -. Indonesia is the country of many records : it’s the biggest muslim country in the world, Raflesia pokemon is directly inspired from the endemic flower Rafflesia Arnoldi, the biggest of the world, and Indonesia also get the youngest population : 165 millions inhabitants are younger than 30 yo !

Regarding Indonesia, we offer for the moment interships in two cities, Bali and Jakarta :there are both touristic, and, mostly safe. The country get a sustained growth of 5% what predict opportunities for your internship abroad. Moreover, tourism export of products are the highest income for the archipelago ; the country recently invest a lot of money in renewable energy : there is a lot of internship seeker for engineer students. The country is also active in the field of heritage proctection, fauna protection : welcome to you if you want an internship in Indonesia.

An internship in Asia will increase you CV sex appeal. An experience in Indonesia attest of your capacity of mobility, your thirst for learning. Indonesia is a springboard for your careeror boost your entry into school.

You just need to sign in : a team member come back to you in the next 48 hours to set up your internship project. In some weeks, you will fly to your internship in Indonesia ! Be careful, there is delay for your visa.

You internship visa in Indonesia, is the social culturel visa : the request has to be done at the consulate with your internship agreement. Without any agreement you won’t be able to get your visa ; so it’s compulsory to get one.

As soons as the objectifves are set, we seek and find your internship in Indonesia ; the internship offer will fit perfectly to your needs and school’s criteria.



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