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We’re a training centre offering abroad work placement for students. We find internships for them.

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Training in France

A different and less formal way to learn in total immersion in France ! As you can’t manage otherwise than in French, you gain in autonomy and self-confidence. Wherever in Nantes or Lorient, the programs that we build together are always adapted to your needs, based on your language level. This way, you live a unique experience that allows you to progress.


Training abroad

Our training center sends students in internship abroad. A different and less formal way of learning in total immersion in a foreign country ! We find taylor-made internships. (from goat breeding through engineering to marketing !) If you’re a company willing to welcome a student with a specific profile, feel free to contact us right above.

Testimonials of internship abroad with International Horizons

Find the testimonials of students and high school students who find an internship abroad thanks to International Horizons ! As soon as we receive a new testimomnial, we put it online on our blog . Testimonials come from Taiwan, Senegal, Greece, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Lithuania and many other destinations !

All testimonials are from students or high school students who get an internship abroad with International Horizons. 


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