Welcoming students

Become a welcoming company presents multiple adventages as fresh new look on your activities and processes and give students a chance to learn from a different way.

I want to recruit trainees

Why should I welcome abroad students ?

A tremendous way to strengthen your work force ! With a brand new look on your processes ? Their different cultures and work experiences allow them to come with other ways to work


Win / Win situation ? you benefit from their skills and they learn by your side. 

How does it work ?

What commitments for your company ?

Nothing !

Our students are coming thanks to ERASMUS, they aren’t expecting to be paid, so you don’t have to pay him/her.

Furthermore you don’t have to spend money for any fee at all.


The french legislation requires students to subscribe an insurance to have an internship abroad.

More over, our students have to subscribe an health insurance to go abroad.


We’re helping our student to find and rent a place to enjoy his/her stay by your side. You just have to welcome him !