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Nantes is one of the largest conurbations in France: nearly 500,000 people live in the city. Very touristy, it is also recognized as one of the nerve centers of the French digital economy. We offer internships for all types of training: we find ways to increase the skills of your students!

Nantes is also a pleasant location: 40 minutes by bus from the beach, 2H by train from Paris, and in the heart of the Loire castles! Nantes is ideal to make your students live a 100% French experience and make them discover the country.



Lorient is a former industrial city, which has been able to adapt to the era of service: it is now the most touristic region of Brittany! Lorient is a big agglomeration, and is synonymous with ecology and interceltic! We offer all types of internships in this beautiful coastal city!

Lorient is perfectly located, in the heart of Brittany: 2H30 from Paris by train, 45 minutes from Rennes; ideal for your students to travel between France, Brittany and Celtic culture! Because yes, Lorient is the Celtic capital of the world!


International Horizons is family scale team : we can adapt ourselves to your needs !


We offer internships in all fields: medical, marketing, tourism, wood, boating, communication and many others! All the young people find their happiness by our side. Before their arrival, we give them all a short interview, in order to get to know them, and to find the perfect internship adapted to their needs in terms of skills and character.


The first week, if you wish, we create small workshops for your young people: the aim is to make them learn and integrate them in a playful way, in order to prepare their integration in the company. Workshops are also privileged moments to get to know each other, share and communicate.

Host Families

Our host families are selected by us: they all like to welcome, and are all willing and open. They enjoy discovering their region, their way of life, and sharing experiences throughout the stay of the young people. In case of problem: the student is directly accommodated with one of the members of the team 🙂

Language Courses

It is sometimes useful: French courses to facilitate the learning of technical vocabulary, but also some courses to resituate the History of France, of the city, and especially the French way of life! These courses often help to lessen the cultural shock, and give a lot of explanations about the Art of Living in France!

Prepatory visit

It is quite possible to make preparatory visits: let yourself be guided, we’ll take care of everything! A tailor-made program, and good times ahead!


We are used to it! We take care of having all the necessary certificates and documents filled out! International Horizons is above all renowned for its rigor and know-how.

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International Horizons is always happy to collaborate with new partners! Contact us in order to exchange and build your next mobility in France!

A taylor-made project in France !