Cécile gives us her feedback from her internship in Malta, with International Horizons.

“I hope you are doing well, I was just going to write you an email about the internship I am currently doing in order to tell you about my experience and to thank you very much because I am completely delighted with my internship.

Concerning my experience with International Horizon, I am more than satisfied. Indeed, you took the time to listen to me, you really tried to understand what exactly I was looking for in terms of internship, you even gave me some contacts and advice to help me find an accommodation, and you were very quick as only 2 weeks after I contacted you you were already offering me 2 internships in Malta, and this in the middle of the Christmas and New Year period. But above all, you were able to find me a real quality internship, which perfectly corresponded to what I was looking for and even exceeded my expectations.

I’m really delighted to have been able to work for this company. Indeed, the tasks I perform are interesting and very diversified, I was able to practice my English every day and I made a lot of progress, the team is really nice and endearing, and the country is really beautiful. I got a real professional experience, I learned a lot, I discovered the business world and I also discovered myself, because this internship allowed me to get to know the tasks or sectors that are more suited to me than others. This internship also helped me to make better choices in my orientation choices after my bachelor’s degree, as it allowed me to determine which Master’s degree I would like to enter next year.

I had a very enriching experience and this is thanks to you. That’s why I really wanted to thank you for the quality internship you were able to offer me, for the interest you showed me, and for the speed with which you were able to find this internship. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what to improve since in my opinion the service was perfect. ”

There, all is said and done!
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