Tere tere, as we say in Estonia, welcome to this blog on the best unusual visits in Tallinn! An underrated destination, not many of you are looking for an internship in the Baltic States. Yet Tallinn is full of treasures and things to do, for just as many internship opportunities. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The best unusual visits in Tallinn: An internship in Tallinn?

As I explained in the introduction, Tallinn and the Baltic States in general aren’t the countries you ask us about most, yet Estonia, and Tallinn in particular, stands out in many fields! It’s Europe’s Silicon Valley, no less! First of all, let me introduce you to Tallinn. Imagine a city where medieval history meets modern technology. Welcome to the capital of Estonia, a country where fairy tales meet the most innovative startups. Here, cobbled streets transport you to the past, while startups propel you into the future. If you’re a tech geek, you’ll be like a fish in water in this European Silicon Valley.

You may have already used the services of Estonian companies without even knowing it! Tallinn is renowned for its dynamic tech ecosystem. With fast-growing startups and world-renowned companies such as Skype and TransferWise (now Wise) or even Bolt (our pref app for VTC travel by the way), the city is brimming with opportunities in the tech field. By joining a local company, you could gain valuable experience in a constantly evolving environment.

All right, if you’re a bit of a tech person, Tallinn is the destination for your internship abroad. But that’s not all: Tallinn is also rich in history and culture. Take a stroll through the medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and let yourself be enchanted by its picturesque alleyways and imposing watchtowers. Between business meetings, take time to explore local museums, art galleries and festivals for a total immersion in Estonian culture.

You didn’t just come for a general introduction to Tallinn: let’s go for the best unusual visits in Tallinn

You’re not a mainstream person ? If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-track experiences, you’ve come to the right place! From the medieval old town to well-kept secrets, Tallinn is full of treasures to discover 🙂

Patarei Prison

You know, Patarei Prison isn’t just an old abandoned building on a street corner, it’s a real piece of history! Originally, it was just a small coastal artillery battery in the 19th century, but soon changed its vocation to become a barracks and prison. And here, mind you, isn’t the funniest part of the story: during the Soviet era, it got really hardcore. Imagine, thousands of people were locked up there, often for political reasons or simple misdemeanors. The conditions of detention? A real nightmare! Overcrowded, filthy cells, not to mention the lack of food and medical care – in short, hell on earth.

But you know what? After Estonian independence in ’91, things calmed down a bit, but not for long. The prison continued to operate until 2004, before finally closing its doors for good. Since then, it has become a must-see tourist spot, a little creepy but so fascinating! And even the cameras are interested in it, with films and TV series having been shot there.

And guess what? In 2018, Tallinn town council came up with a crazy idea: to turn this old prison into a museum and cultural center! So as not to forget the bad things that happened there, and to remind people that human rights are really important. Not a bad conversion, eh?

So, how about a visit to Patarei? It’s not every day you can say you’ve hung out in a former Soviet prison! You’ll be able to brag about it when you get back 🙂

The Bastion Tunnels

Direct your attention to the Bastion Tunnels, underground galleries full of mystery! Excavated as far back as the 17th century to protect the town from enemy attack, these tunnels are like a journey back in time.

For centuries, they’ve been soldiers’ secret HQs, a veritable lair for weapons and supplies, and even a refuge for the wounded during the Great Northern War. And believe me, during the Second World War, they were even more strategic, used as air-raid shelters and command posts.

After all these ups and downs, the tunnels remained a bit abandoned, but in the 90s they were rediscovered. Now they’re a cool tourist spot! You can explore some of the restored, publicly accessible parts with explanations and multimedia stuff, but be warned, not all corners are open and restored. I’m not going to encourage you to put yourself in danger by visiting these tunnels in clandestine urbex style.

It has to be said that these tunnels can still hide dangerous things, and it’s best not to venture out too far without a guide!

How would you like to slip into Tallinn’s underground corridors? It’s not every day you get to play urban explorer, is it?

Telliskivi Creative City: unusual outing ideas at low cost!

Do you know Tallinn’s coolest neighborhood? It’s Telliskivi Creative City, a real gem of creativity and innovation!

Imagine, it used to be an old, abandoned industrial zone, and now it’s become a haven for artists, entrepreneurs and creative minds.

It all began in 2006, when a few buildings were renovated and transformed into commercial and artistic spaces. Since then, the area has gone from strength to strength, with boutiques, restaurants, cafés, galleries, concert halls… In short, there’s plenty to do!

And the atmosphere is top-notch! The streets are filled with graffiti, street art and sculptures – it’s like an open-air art gallery! And the architecture, with its red brick buildings and metal structures, is just too stylish.

But the best part is the events! Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, there’s something for everyone. It’s the place to be to discover Tallinn’s cultural scene. And what’s more, it’s super-easy to get to from the city center, just a short streetcar or bus ride away and you’re immersed in this creative and inspiring atmosphere!

So, what are you waiting for to discover Telliskivi Creative City? It’s the perfect place to lose yourself in the alleys and unearth artistic and culinary nuggets!

St. Olaf Church in Tallinn

Do you believe in legends? Because St. Olaf Church in Tallinn isn’t just a religious building or a notable church, it’s a true architectural mystery! Imagine, it was built centuries ago to honor a canonized Norwegian king, and it’s been attracting the curious from all over the world ever since.

First of all, the bell tower is something special: 124 metres high, no less! But what really makes this church special is its unique shape. Unlike conventional church towers, St. Olaf’s is octagonal. That’s right, octagonal!

And here’s where the legends come in. One tells of the devil making a mess during construction, knocking over stones as soon as they tried to build a square tower. So they opted for a shape that gave him less leverage – clever, eh?

Other theories say it represents the seven days of the Christian week, plus a bonus for Judgment Day. Or that it makes the building stronger against bad weather. But frankly, we’re not sure why it looks the way it does even today, and that’s what makes it all the more fascinating!

Would you like to unravel the mystery of St. Olaf’s Church? It’s a must-see if you’re ever in Tallinn, and who knows, maybe you’ll find the key to this centuries-old mystery! However, I’d advise you to get up early because, as I said earlier, nobody has the explanation yet…


The park where I used to go running! Let me explain, like every time the team and I open a new destination, we go out to get a feel for the town, visit the families, meet the companies, the whole shebang. We don’t know each other very well, but I’m a good sport and leaving home for two weeks without my bike was difficult, so I took my sneakers to compensate ahah. As our Airbnb was nearby, I discovered a neighborhood with a dubious style of dress and ill-equipped for the cold mdrrr. The truth is, you don’t give a damn about my life, so let me introduce you to Kadriog!

The neighborhood that’s got it all! Imagine a huge park, with shady alleys, fountains and statues on every corner. Don’t you just love it? You’ve even got water fountains for dogs, which surprised me!

And the name, Kadriorg, doesn’t come from nowhere! It’s a tribute to Catherine I of Russia, the wife of Peter the Great, who once said, “Why not a little Baroque palace here?” The result: Kadriorg Palace, surrounded by gardens to make you dream!

But wait, there’s more: Kadriorg is also full of other things to see. There’s the Mikkel Museum, which plunges you into the world of Estonian artist Michel Sittow, and the Botanical Garden, a real jungle in the heart of the city!

And the houses are the epitome of chic! These grand 19th-century mansions were built for Tallinn’s wealthy citizens. Nowadays, they house embassies, museums, galleries… Or people!

And when it comes to food, you’re in for a treat too! Cosy cafés (even a cat café), fun bars, restaurants that take you on a journey with their local and international cuisine. In short, Kadriorg is THE place to go for a relaxing day out, between culture, nature and gourmet delights!

Well, I think you’ve had a nice glimpse of the unusual Tallinn International Horizons sauce
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