Turkey! A country full of points of interest that deserve to be visited before leaving. I am in Turkey: Where to travel during my internship abroad? Let me guide you. 

Cappadocia, known, but still beautiful

I discovered this region of Turkey thanks to a live performance by Ben Bohmer for Cercle and from the very first shots you understood. The landscape is lunar. Between troglodytes and stretches of deserted stones crossed by the sun… The place is so beautiful that it is poetic. Really, go and see and you’ll understand.

Kuşadası, the western seaside resort 

Marina and harbour lined with excellent drinking and eating spots, the Aegean Sea, a landscaped walkway, the town is a popular place for cruisers and I can see why. It’s the place to be if you want to relax. A little bonus: the island of birds, which can be reached via a submersible causeway. You can admire and visit the Byzantine fortress. 

Ankara the capital

What to do! The second largest city in the country, easily reached by plane, you can observe a clever mix of authenticity and modernity. Visit the ancient Byzantine remains and the Roman temples.  


Country of my heart, I must confess, as soon as I can I put it on. Frankly, go there and discover a unique, welcoming and generous people. Georgia has something for everyone, whether you’re into hiking in the mountains, big cities, culture and history, or even just lounging around in ultra-modern resorts that didn’t spring up 10 years ago.  The food is incredible and that’s also a plus I must admit. Georgia, we’ll talk about it longer here by the way, because I’m not going to dwell on it either, even if I could talk about it for hours.

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