Based on PoPoPoPo : Here we are, we are back to play you a great trick, because, no more pokémonade, we are giving you a feedback on Georgia, and, you might be surprised. Because, this unknown country reserves a lot of surprises, whether it’s the kindness of the people, the incredible landscapes or … many other things to discover. So saddle up baby, I’m taking you to Georgia, hang on. 

We stayed a little more than a week, and we did the coast: Kobuleti, Batumi, but also Kutaisi. First of all, you’ll be very disoriented as far as the landscape is concerned: you go from a very old and bad city, to new cities that literally come out of an American movie like Bad Boys in Miami, or even mountains full of trees where you can go hiking. In Gerogia, you can do everything, but then everything. Well, except get mugged: it’s the safest country in Europe. But the landscapes are absolutely incredible, and life is so cheap. Want a pint? 1€ (and you’re in a nice bar!). Fancy a restaurant? 5€ and you’re full as ever with the Adjarian Khatchapouri (and it’s very good!). 

The people are lovely, but really super chills. Well, the taxis are a bit cliché: if you don’t negotiate, you pay triple the normal fare. But otherwise: no worries. We walked around in the middle of the night, in remote places … people are always smiling and helpful, always ready to give you a hand, show you the way or share a drink. In the restaurants where the map was not available in English, people made the effort to communicate with mimes or animal noises to explain the maps: not only is it fairplay but it’s hilarious!

As far as city tour & instagram are concerned, you will be served. Kobuleti is still the smallest city in the world, because the people are very nice, but for your friends, go to Batumi, the local Miami on the Black Sea, with its Ferris wheel, well, these Ferris wheels, because there is even one in a building (and I say wallah, it’s true, you can’t miss it!). If you’re looking for a bit more authenticity, head for Kutaisi. It’s an old town with a nicely designed architecture, small bars as we all like them; in short, you won’t be lost: it’s beautiful, it’s chill. 

And, we liked it so much that we’re going back again in November, this time to visit other cities so this blog will have a part 2 baby, because no kidding: we love talking about it, about Georgia. If you want to go there for an internship, nothing could be easier, just contact us and we’ll take care of everything!