Doing your engineering school internship in Norway: it’s possible! As we all know, work placements are quite open-ended. But why not combine the demands of school with adventure? Norway is ideal for this: we have quite a few students who have gone there, and they were all satisfied. Because Norway offers many opportunities for engineering school internships abroad: home automation, aeronautics, IT, etc. many fields are available for this first internship!  La oss gå!

Do your engineering school work placement in Norway: Hierarchy, responsibility and climate 

In Norway there are few/no hierarchical differences at work: so during your work placement you will see that everyone is on the same scale and even better, they are so disciplined that they share a collective responsibility. 

If you go for your work placement in the north of the country in the summer, you will be able to experience the sun for 24 hours a day with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. As you can imagine, in winter the days are as short as the days are long with temperatures not too extreme (max -10°).

Do an engineering internship in Norway: Life in Norway 

The currency used in Norway is the Norwegian crown. You should know that even in the capital, there are very few exchange offices, so take precautions before your departure or you will have a hard time 🙂 If you are really short of money, you can change it at the airport, in some tourist offices & hotels. 

Public transport is well developed in Norway. It is easy to travel from city to city in an economical way.

Do an engineering internship in Norway: The premises

Even if Norwegians are very nice and respect is rooted in their culture, integrating and making friends is not the easiest thing. The codes and the society are not based on the same principle as in France, a culture shock to live, but now that you are warned you will be able to apprehend it correctly.

You are now more informed than ever about your engineering internship in Norway, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate: contact us!