You are in engineering school and you want to have a professional experience? Do your engineering internship in Tunisia. Tunisia is a country of choice that offers more than interesting professional opportunities!

Why go to Tunisia for an engineering internship?

It is a wallet-friendly country and there are no particular administrative steps to take to do your internship. 63% of Tunisians speak French so you won’t have any problems even if you don’t speak Arabic. The cost of living makes it a good destination to do an internship abroad while being on a budget, you can divide the cost of living by a little more than two compared to the French metropolis. (see bigmac index and the price of a packet of cigarettes which are the best way to get an idea of the cost of living in a country).

Doing an engineering internship in Tunisia: What to do?

Go and visit the country! It seems obvious but it is easy to get around in Tunisia, buses go everywhere and even to the most remote places. Trains are cheap and punctual which is a major asset to spend your weekends visiting a country full of historical and cultural heritage. Personally I recommend you to go to Sfax for the Kerkennah islands and Monastir for the marina and the Ribat.

Doing your engineering internship in Tunisia: In brief

The living conditions are very different from those in Europe. The food is not the same (but it is delicious), and the weather is generally pleasant. The culture can also be very different from Europe which makes this experience very rich and powerful. Tunisians are very friendly and will often ask you to stay with them after work to go out. 

You now know Tunisia better to do your engineering internship. If you still have questions: contact us! We will be happy to advise you.