Are you in engineering school and want to improve your English? Doing your engineering internship in Ireland is more than a good idea. Ireland offers interesting professional opportunities at only 1H / 1H30 from the metropolis by plane. A ligean ar dul!

Why go to Ireland for an engineering internship?

Ireland is the English-speaking country that is accessible without administrative hassle since the Brexit with Malta. It is also important to know that the country is recognised for the quality of its training in the field and has an international reputation. On the professional side, you will find internship opportunities in Ireland in many fields such as biotech, mechanical engineering, their favourite field being civil engineering.  Ireland is also affordable by air all year round (N/A RyanAir). 

Doing your engineering internship in Ireland: The language

It goes without saying, but going on an internship in Ireland is obviously the way to improve your English. The Irish are a friendly and welcoming people, as long as you make the effort, they will be understanding 🙂 If you give us your level of English in advance, we will warn the companies who will be aware of your level before you arrive. So even if your level is a bit “short” you can still leave by adapting the missions for example. Oh yes, one last thing about the language, it’s true that some Irish people can have a particular accent, but it’s very rarely a barrier and you always have the support of being in front of them to make yourself understood.

Doing an engineering internship in Ireland: The benefits 

You know it, I know it and we know it. Ireland is also a culture, a strong history and a unique folklore. For that alone, Ireland is well worth the trip. Personally, I loved going there and breathing in the atmosphere of the streets, meeting and chatting with people who are always willing to help you and give you their best plans to see and experience Ireland like a local. A word about their humour, you’ll soon realise it’s very much geared towards making fun of the UK and the English in particular. Find out about their history and you’ll soon understand. The obligatory passage to the pubs, true institutions of the country. Be careful though, dress appropriately to go there (no jogging) or you will be escorted back to the entrance even in a chill bar. Their parties also start early and end early. Hopefully you won’t get out of the club at 5am, it’s just not possible ^^

Now you know Ireland better to do your engineering internship. If you still have questions: contact us! We will be happy to advise you.