Doing an engineering internship in the Netherlands, the land of windmills, goudas and bicycles! (and Max Verstapen). Enough digressions, here’s a little tour of horizons. 

Why go to the Netherlands for an engineering internship?

The Netherlands, the first country we consider from the “northern” area we cover. The Netherlands has a highly developed engineering field in many areas so there are many opportunities for internships. Their engineering schools are well known and their training is of high quality. Your internship supervisor will have a lot to teach you. In 2021 the Netherlands was the second most popular country for engineering profiles in the medical, mecha and technical fields. However, this destination is not as expensive as Norway, Sweden or Finland, but it is not cheap. Be careful with your wallet and prepare your trip! 

What to do when doing an engineering internship in the Netherlands? 

So much to do!  It seems obvious, but really go and visit the museums, they are the hosts of the great masters that you may have already seen on the net or even in your history book of CM2 (Do you remember?) The local curiosity not to be missed is also the mills! A real technical tour de force, these mills made it possible to build the country by pumping water. Even if Amsterdam is not to be presented anymore, I recommend you to visit its canals by bike while tasting the local flavours of street food (check this article which compiles what you should not miss) PS: It’s me who wrote it so it obviously kills. If you also want a more exhaustive guide of what to see in Amsterdam, check here.

Doing an engineering internship in the Netherlands: Life in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a temperate maritime climate. Basically, the winters are mild and the summers rather cool. We were talking about the windmills earlier so, as you can see, it can be quite windy. 

For transport, the prices are fixed per kilometre which can be disconcerting at the beginning, but don’t panic, with the local transport card “chipkaart-OV” everything works fine. 

As far as security is concerned, the Netherlands is safe. However, pickpockets may be present at nightfall. I therefore recommend that you take all the usual precautions in this respect, do not carry a large amount of money and keep your papers in a safe place or have a digital copy readily available in case of theft. 

Finally, we mentioned it in the preamble, but the Netherlands are on average 1.5% more expensive than France. So a meal that costs an average of €25 in France will cost you €30 there. Think about your budget. 

The Netherlands is a great destination for your internship abroad. If you would like to know more, please contact us!