Culinary specialties in the Netherlands! Let’s go, are you looking for an internship abroad and eating right? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll let you see for yourself. 


We’re not gonna miss it: Gouda, the typical Dutch hard cheese, will delight your taste buds. And yes, it’s 10x better there. Don’t forget to try the very mild Maasdammer 🙂


These little wafers stuck with sweet syrup in between. A delight without a name. To be rushed to the bakery every morning. 


We trust you to eat this one. It’s the local ref to eat when you’re ambushed at the bar. In between beers, feel free to eat some of these delicious snacks. It’s made with fried meatballs.

Patatje Oorlog

The fried famosas. To be eaten in a hot cone. They are very thick and eaten with peanut sauce and onions. RIP your kid’s diet


A little bit of tradition: This typical Dutch dish will be your favourite on your way to Amsterdam in the winter. Here’s the tip: mashed potatoes and a good fat sausage (“fat is life” says Karadoc) and to make it all complete, there’s even sauerkraut with it.


It’s like little pancakes, and frankly it’s fire, a little icing sugar on top and hop! You eat that before you get to practice, and it’s going to make a great day.

Broodje haring

Be a little bold! And order this. It’s basically a smoked herring sandwich with onions and pickles. It might be scary at first, but frankly it’s worth a test run.


Well, I think you understand how it goes there: Snerts is a thick pea-based soup that’s excellent. Feel free to try it.

What’s up? Convinced to go to the Netherlands for an internship abroad? Don’t hesitate to contact the team 🙂