I am in Poland, where can I travel during my internship abroad? Poland is very diverse, so make sure you look around before you go. There is so much to see. Not to mention memory tourism. Let me show you.


The country’s second largest city, home to the must-see Basilica of Santa Maria. Lose yourself in the local flavours.


The sea! Enjoy the sandy beach between Sopot and its port. Hike on the paths and cycle on the cycle tracks. It is the best way to get around Gdansk. We also recommend the local nightlife with its discos and sidewalk cafes. 


Chill’ culture. Poznan is a city with a rhythm of its own, off the beaten track. An experience to be had. Poznan is also a historical city, where Poland was Christianised and the first leaders of Poland were buried. 


Poland’s student city, bordered by the river Oder. This western city is punctuated by the music that reigns supreme in the streets. The “Polish Venice”, no less! Progressive and relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss the old town. Poland is a great country in Central Europe to do your internship abroad. Do you have a project? Contact us! You’ll find the famous Wawel Castle at the top of the eponymous hill. Check out the panorama on the way. Also visit Krakow for its medieval history and taste the