Doing your engineering internship in Italy is a great idea! A European country close to the metropolis and perfect for a first experience abroad without violence. Be careful, the Italian culture is very different, don’t get me wrong, I invite you to read the many articles we have written 

Why go to Italy for an engineering internship?

I mentioned it in the preamble, but Italy is one of the ideal countries to experience abroad in my eyes. The location of the country, which is close to the mainland, will reassure your parents, and there are many direct flights from the country’s international airports for very little money. Speaking of economy, the country is globally less expensive than France in the costs of daily life, which is also an undeniable advantage. Gastronomically speaking, we are in THE country! You eat at least as well as in France and often better. The products are of excellent quality and their cuisine is succulent. On the professional side, Italy’s diversity multiplies the opportunities for internships in your field. 

What to do when doing an engineering internship in Italy? 

You are right to ask! All regions of Italy are so different and there is so much to visit. You’ll find here a review of Puglia by Seb’ and here How is life in Rome. The rest of Italy is a wonderful open-air museum. As for activities, there is something for everyone: hiking and cycling in the Veneto, motor sports in Emilia Romagna (N/A Imola), and lazing around on the beach in the south. History and culture are everywhere.

Doing an engineering internship in Italy: The language

You don’t necessarily speak Italian and you still want to look for an experience in Italy? You are right, Gaston. Generally speaking, in a company, you will work in English. Afterwards, on the street, it’s another thing, it’s true. But Italian is very close to French, many words are transparent and otherwise derived from old French. You will always be able to make yourself understood and you will never be limited. Note that in many regions, you can even meet real French-speaking Italians! 

Italy, what more can I say… It’s a country that’s more than appreciated by the team and that we love every time we send young people back there. If you have any questions or if you want to go on an adventure, there is only one thing to do: contact us