Once again, we tell you about our experiences abroad. And this year we went to discover Puglia: the South-East of Italy. And, my friend, once again, Italy did not disappoint us: the people, the landscapes, the climate and of course the good food. Puglia 2022 edition. 

We chose to stay in Bari, via Principe Amadeo, it’s quite central: 10 minutes walk from the old town, 7 from the train station, 15 from the beach. The evening of our arrival, we visit the old town of Bari, its narrow streets full of pots of Cactus, Alocasia and other succulents: it’s a treat for the eyes. We settle down on the terrace for a small aperitivo (we won’t let ourselves be defeated!) with two traditional Spritz. From the first evening, the heat is almost overwhelming, but it is appreciable, we have just left 18 degrees in Nantes, to find 40 in Bari. The difference is painful on the first day, but we soon get used to it. The first thing that struck me in Bari was the culture of the South, I feel like finding my grandmother in every corner of the old town: everybody talks to each other, the old people sit on a chair in front of their house to enjoy the shade and the “freshness” of the night that falls, families take out chairs and tables to eat in the street. In short, the culture of sharing and family in all its quintessence: I am at home. 

 Our stay was very pleasant: visits in the morning, meetings, and always a beach to end the day. We visited Monopoli, Lecce, Torre a Mare, Polignano a Mare, Taranto and the inevitable Alberobello. 

Monopoli is absolutely incredible, but you need sunglasses: the walls are bright white everywhere, and it’s very difficult to walk around without them, otherwise you’ll shatter your retina and call your mother crying. Without abuse, of course. There are quite a few tourists, like us, who stroll in the streets, and then go to the little beach in the old town. We’ll have to go back later: we forgot the beach towels in France … and it’s impossible to find any in the city. Death.  But, this unpleasant episode is quickly forgotten and we go back to Bari, direction H&M to take towels, then the beach a few steps from the city centre: the water is clear, it’s very pleasant. Small detail : to travel, we might as well take the train, they are really cheap in Italy. 

Lecce, the “Florence Baroque”. LOL. No, in fact, the city is nice but comparing Lecce and Firenze, there is such a huge gap that it’s almost indecent. The city is nice, you walk through the old town and the cafes to drink the traditional Caffè Freddo or Iced Latte, it’s very pleasant. Again, I feel like I’m at my grandmother’s house. In France, we have latches or locks to go to the toilet or bathroom: not in Italy. So you find yourself peeing while doing a big splash to avoid someone coming in. But in Italy, security is everything: you need someone to open the door immediately if something happens. It’s like the front door: why put one lock when you can put three? You never know. 

Torre a Mare: to shit. There, it’s said. It’s dirty, the water is dirty, the city is dirty. In short, we really lost 3 hours of our life, only the fish-shaped bin, located on the marina, is worth seeing. The rest, frankly, is really to be avoided. 

Polignano a Mare is absolutely sumptuous. The town is really magnificent with a beach in the centre worthy of the Caribbean: the water is clear, you can see up to 6/8 meters deep with a disconcerting clarity. The city is really radiant, the bars dance, in short: it is really a place not to be missed in Puglia. There are a lot of small and cheap restaurants, with very simple and fresh things. The more I eat Italian food, the more I understand why the kids we welcome say to me “Ma, Sebastien, I miss Italian food, you know! “. And, yes, I understand: the straciatella, the dried tomatoes, or the mushrooms in oil are absolutely exquisite. 

Taranto, the other big city in Puglia. It’s very nice, very lively: and it’s beautiful. The old town is not incredible either, but the spirit and dynamism of the town is particularly appreciable. The beach is in the very centre, and like all the others, the water is incredibly good. Hugo, at the sound of the word good, would surely have a good word to throw at a member of my family, but as I write this Case Psy is currently scooting around Nantes: to each his own, I hope he shits. ?

Alberobello, don’t look at the pictures before you go. Go there, and enjoy the surprise of this small Italian town. It’s really very, very beautiful, and amazing. Without any qualms, browse the little souvenir shops: it’s cheaper than the Duty Free at Bari airport (I know, it’s very disappointing). By the way, if you are a smoker and pro-cancer (I smoke ..): buy your cigarettes BEFORE the airport, as they don’t sell them in Duty Free. I let you imagine my disappointment when I realized my f* mistake. 

And apart from these beautiful cities what else can you say? Italy speaks, always. Even if the young people are less friendly than the old ones, we had the pleasure to meet the excellent Lorenzo, 80 years old, with whom we shared a beer, or two charming ladies of an advanced age with whom we sang between two swims in the Adriatic Baresse. It’s always amazing, people meet easily, they are patient even with your approximate Italian and always a bit playful with the tourists: be careful what you order haha. 

Italy, again and again: I recommend it. Contrary to popular belief, Italians speak better English than we do, and better French than Esteban ? Enjoy it, have fun. You too want to go to Italy? It’s over here!