Today, Florian, an international business student, gives us his testimony about his internship in Finland. Let’s go ?

Your internship, was it everything you expected?

“I’d say so. Quite simply because already the internship corresponds, on the whole, to what I was looking for professionally. And also because I’m lucky enough to be in a very welcoming company, where the atmosphere is really more than pleasant and above all not “formal”. It’s really the kind of company that I like in general.”

What did you like about your new country?

“What did I like about my new country? Well, I would say that even though the Finns are at first glance quite “cold” by nature, I really appreciated their simplicity. From what I’ve seen, they don’t get as worked up about it as we do. I have to admit, however, that I still haven’t understood the need to jump into icy water after taking a sauna at 70°. But I guess that’s part of their charm.”

And if you had to do it again, would you go back through International Horizons? Why would I do that?

“Unless I already have contacts in this or that country, without hesitation, yes I would go back through International Horizons if I had to do it again! Simply because I was more than pleasantly surprised at how quickly my internship was found. Honestly, I thought I would get the first feedback after 1 or 2 weeks of searching at the earliest, but no. I contacted you on a Friday, the following Monday you told me that you had already found an internship for me. So maybe I was lucky, but you’re pretty efficient. So, obviously I would go back through International Horizons if I had to do it again, all the more so when you see the cost of the service compared to the costs of other platforms of the same type. The price is really affordable: it simplifies a lot of things when you’re a student!”

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