Hello, little fifrelins! Today we received news from Clarysse, who went to Ireland for a training course a few months ago. Thank you Clarysse for your testimony!

– Your internship, is it what you expected?
Yes totally, I’m in a hair salon where we are a very large team (17 employees), and it’s very dynamic. Personally, I like it when it moves. My colleagues are very understanding and attentive, and it’s really great to learn. I can see the difference compared to when I arrived for the language.

– What did you like about your new country?
There are a lot of differences compared to France, I couldn’t mention them all but the population is very open and welcoming. When I’m on my way back, on foot, I meet a lot of people and most of them ask me how I’m doing with a big smile on my face. I think that’s the thing that struck me the most. The meals are very different too, we don’t eat lunch; or really very little.

And in relation to work it’s quite different too, because I was in a small salon in France so the organization is not at all the same and I like change very much.

– And if you had to do it again, would you go back through International Horizons? Why would I do that? Why ? By qué? Perched?

Yes, with pleasure! It’s my director who advised me this agency because it’s not the first year he works with and he has never been disappointed so I decided to take this agency and I’m very happy about it. Marie, who takes care of my file, is very attentive, reassuring and reassuring. She was able to answer all my questions and expectations. As soon as I have a problem, she can be reached very quickly. That’s great. I recommend, and if I have to do it again, I would go to this agency!!

A big thank you! And if you also want to go on an internship abroad, in Ireland or elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us!