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To go in Azerbaijan means discover a country that mix asian and european culture. In fact, Azerbaijan take part into many europeans programs, as ERASMUS +. 

Baku, the capital, is now what was Praha 1à years ago : the new destination to discover before mass tourism. In some years, all the guide say that it would be THE destination where you will get a short break for the weekend.The country is safe ; you have lower risk to be piss of in Baku, than you could be in Paris.

An internship abroad, is not only a professional experience, it’s also an amazing human and cultural experience. For recruiters, it’s also a good point : having an internship in Azerbaijan, it’s a way to make the difference on your CV. The country try to be open, more and more, at the international level, and offer many opportunies . By the way, the visa application has been facilitating : you can now do it online. The visa is not hard to get, and it’s again easier when you are from European Union. 

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