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Having an internship in Estonia : you can improve your english but also the russian language : because the country get many exchange with Russia, and there is a big russian community in Estonia, but as there is in all the baltic country. 

Estonia is also the place to be for startups in Europe : Esotnia gets a very agressive politic to bring entrepreneur to the country ; you even sign in online to become an estonian citizen. Easy. The country also develop many tools for entrepreneurs and investors, Google recently make massive investement in Estonia, and note that it’s also the country of Skype. 

The economy of the country is really developed : note that Estonia gets one of the higher quality of life in European Union ; you can have many opportunities for your internship abroad as in aviation, e-commerce, international relation, culture, fluid mechanics or even marketing. 

Going on internship in Europe in Esotnia is also the opportunity to discover a culture – very – unknow from western european union. It’s one of the three baltic countries, and it get many links with Finland : most of the students in Helsinki come to Tallinn for the weekend. Estonia is really respectful in terms of ecology ; having an internship there is also possible in clean energy, ecology and natural park. 

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