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Your internship in Taiwan

Have an internship in Taiwan, it’s to get a great experience in Asia and improve his skills. It’s also the opportunity to improve your english and/or chinese skills: Taiwan is one of the culture crossroads of Asia.

Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung are pools of internships. Whatever your area of studies, International Horizons will find your next internship abroad in Taiwan. Marketing, electronic, international trade, art galleries, technology, agrofood, catering industry, tourism, engineering, and many other area can be find ! By the way, Taiwan is THE capital of contemporary art ! When you go to Taiwan, you must visit every art gallery : this is like the best activity there in Taiwan.

An internship abroad would be a huge experience in Taiwan : all of our students who have been there give us excellent feedbacks. You will discover more about one the biggest economic place of Asia, and so, of the World. An intenrship in Taiwan is an opportunity to prove your adaptability, and your will of improvement. Taiwan is still a ‘ young ‘ destination for an intenrship abroad : the concept of internship is recent in Taiwan. Add to this that delay of recruitment are really long in Asia – so in Taiwan – please, take at least two months before any internship request. We won’t accept last minute request for Taiwan.

To get an internship in Taiwan, you just need to contact International Horizons : we will find you the best experience abroad to fit with your needs. BE AWARE : don’t send us last minute request for Taiwan, we won’t accept your application.

There is many different visas in Taiwan, and it depends of your school, the duration, and many other criterias : we will find the best otption for your internship in Taiwan.

As soon as we get your criterias for your internship in Taiwan : we will find the best experience. We will fit your needs and your school request : let’s go for your internship in Asia !



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