The island has over 268 peaks and white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular cliffs on the coast of Taiwan Island. If you like adventure, this is the place to go

Taipei :

Between visiting the world’s tallest tower after the Burj Khalifa, the museums, memorials, temples, the different districts of the capital. You’ll have plenty to do and admire. And even enough to find a nice internship.

Pingxi :

The Pingxi Lantern Festival is one of the most popular events in the lantern industry. Little tip, you must visit Houtong, you can admire hundreds of cats in the streets walking around!

Anping :

Anping Treehouse is one of the most unique places you can visit in your life. Known for its culture, sunsets, nightlife, beautiful natural scenery, water activities in its cuisine.

Dajia :

It is a seaside city gathers a lot of assets like its nature, its Dajia River, Da’an River and the mountains combine to create the beautiful natural landscape of the city. The city is also home to beautiful historical sites such as the Arch of Chastity and offers a wealth of local handicrafts.

Beitou :

If you’re going there, it’s to relax clearly. Known for its hot springs. You will be able to bathe quietly while tanning. What a pleasure, no?

Meinong :

Little advice: if you can visit the city by bike, do it! Don’t forget to try the hakka cuisine, you will enjoy your taste buds. And above all, if you want to keep a little souvenir, go to the Lee Ming-Hsiang store, you can draw your own. Nice, isn’t it?

Jiaoxi :

This is also another destination with hot springs. The small streets lined with old stores, a row in the surrounding land and a three-dimensional waterfall make it a must-see. So little advice, go there early to enjoy.

Kenting :

One of the only places in Taiwan with a beachfront hotel, the town is filled with stalls, restaurants and bars, but it’s the white sand of the main beach that makes it one of the most visited destinations for tourists in Taiwan. So go for it.

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