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Have an internship in Slovakia ! Slovakia is less popular than Czech Republic, and yet, the country really diserved to be known : Bratislava is amazing !

Slovakia offers many opportunities, and mostly for engineer ; the country set up attrative legislaiton to attract engineers. There is still a lot different industry, as in aeronautical, quality control, medical, and many others.

Even if Praha is more dynamic than Bratislava, this is a capital city : you can’t be bored there ! Slovakian are really welcoming, and as bulgarian and romanian, they really appreciate when foreigner carry interest to their country. There is a real night life in Bratislava that you can enjoy !

Have an internship in Slovakia, it’s also the possibility to visit others countries : Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, are really close ! Thanks to European Union, if you get a schengen visa, or if your are from European Union, it’s really cheap to visit the country.

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Internship in Slovakia

Internship in Slovakia

An internship in Slovakia ? This is an opportunity to discover a country still unknown by people in general. And also having the chance to explore a dynamic country. To define Slovakia : you can note beautiful castles, mountains as far as your eyes can see,...

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