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Internship in South America : International Horizons helps you to go on internship abroad ! An amazing experience in South America.

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Would you like to have an internship in South America ? Here we are ! International Horizons helps you to get your wonderful experience.

We believe that an experience abroad will still be amazing : every experience out of your country would make you grow ! We get excellent feedback from every students going abroad. 

International Horizons offer two destinations in South America : Colombia and Mexico. Both of them are amazing and would diserved to be visited ! We won’t bring you anywhere : we will find you internship in safe cities, accredited by the ministery of foreign affair. You can find a lot of tips on our blog, and also testimonials from students who has been in internship abroad with International Horizons.

To get your internship abroad, it’s easy : you just need to sign in on our website. There is no commitment, so you can stop the process whenever you want ! As soon as you sign in, International Horizons call you back in the next 48H in order to set up the criteria of your internship. Then, we will find the internship that fit perfectly with your needs. The paiement has to be done only when we find you a company, and that you accept the internship and, after that the agreement is signed by the company.

In fact, every internship abroad must be done with an agreement : otherwise, in a lot of country it could be illegal. Don’t worry : if you don’t get agreement, we can provide many advices to find a solution, so let’s go ! Sign in, and we will find you the best internship in South America.

How to go on internship abroad ?

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Easy ! You just need to sign in on our website, and then our team call you back in the next 48H to set up your internship’s criterias. This is the first step to define your exact needs for your internship abroad. Be ready : to more step before to fly away !

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This is the best step : you just need to be patient. Then , International Horizons find you a company suitable to your needs. You will get an interview by Skype or Whatsapp : be aware of the jetlag with South America ! Go to the last step before to get your internship.

               Let’s go

If the company accept you, you must get an answer before 48H. If you agreed on the conditions, we make sign the agreement ! The paiement of 400€ must be done only when the company sign the agreement : it’s time to book your flight for South America.

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Local customs in Colombia

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Informations about your internship in South America

Internship in Central America

Direction Mexico! And reassure your parents: we only send you to secure areas. To do an internship in Mexico is first and foremost the opportunity to do a Spanish-speaking internship! And if you do not speak at all Spanish, reassure you, your internship in Mexico can also take place entirely in English! Mexico is a big importer and exporter, and works with trading partners all over the world! In addition, doing an internship in Mexico means discovering a culture whose European echoes are still limited to Mexican hats and maracas. But no: "Mexico Lindo y Querido"! Mexico has many surprises, whether on the coast as in the capital, Mexico. Internship in Mexico is possible in all areas: engineering, boilermaking, art, design, automotive, event, hotel, agriculture, breeding, design, international trade, import export, wines & spirits, construction, start-up up, marketing, communication, banking, finance ... in short, in Mexico: everything is possible! For your internship in Mexico with International Horizons, nothing more simple: just contact us via the link at the bottom of the page and a member of the team recontact you to rebuild your project! So, to go on an internship abroad: go, sign up!

Internship in

South America

   An internship in South America with International Horizons, it is direction Colombia: the country of Shakira, but especially that of Toto La Momposina! Colombia is like the vast majority of countries in South America, Spanish speaking. Ideal to train your Spanish, while doing your internship abroad! As for Mexico, doing an internship in Colombia allows to address any desired theme. As for Colombia, we only send you to safe cities: we will not put you on the border, where passport thefts are more regular. Also, small downside: there is still a very strong corruption in the country, and therefore, in case of police control, it is imperative to ask to be escorted to the nearest police station. Apart from these two recommendations it's like everywhere in the world: you have to pay attention in the evening, especially when they are festive! To do an internship in Colombia is to go to a country that hosts more than 80 different ethnic groups, including Putumayo: if you do not know, I let you type the name on Youtube and listen to the music! In short, Colombia is safe when you do not do anything, it's a cheap country for us Europeans. Do your internship in South America, Colombia, it's the right match to combine cultural discovery, skill gains, and parties! For your internship in Colombia with International Horizons, it's simple and effective: just register, and a member of the team reminds you within 48 hours to build, with you, your internship project abroad: and it's without commitment!