So you want to go to Colombia for your internship abroad? Well, I advise you to take a look at these tips, because they could be useful for your internship in Colombia.  

The coffee
The coffee here is both sweet and intense, Colombia has made it its speciality, for some the best coffees are found there. And the coffee regions filled with hills are beautiful.

Colombian buses
Buses in Colombia are extremely comfortable and inexpensive, and are the most popular means of transport here. Their colourful appearance makes them even more attractive.

Here, lateness is commonplace, and Colombians are often not on time (except for professional appointments). Their expression “Tranquillo” shows how strict the locals are about punctuality. So don’t worry if a Colombian is 10-15 minutes late one day.

The population 
Colombians are generally very friendly, they are very open and the locals are often smiling.

The Sun
The sun rises every day at 6 am and sets at 6 pm all year round. Therefore, Colombians get up early in the morning.

Slamming doors
Colombians don’t like it when doors are slammed.

Public holidays
Each year more than 20 days are public holidays, usually for religious reasons.

The climates
Colombia has almost every possible landscape.  As Colombia is close to the equator, you can easily find many different climates (equatorial, tropical, semi-arid, desert and mountain).

City centres 
As is often the case in Latin America, the city centres are often disadvantaged areas, while the outskirts are home to wealthier neighbourhoods.

Colombian festivities
In Colombia, music is often heard and dancing is innate to Colombians. If you want to have fun one night, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, but try to take a batchata class before coming 😉 .

The kitchen
There, exotic fruits and fresh vegetables await you. The Latin American state is extremely rich in vegetarian products, although many traditional meat and rice dishes can be enjoyed (Bandeja paisa, sancocho de galina or fiambres and tamales).

As you can see, Colombia is the country of the sun, so if you want to discover more about this country, don’t hesitate to contact us to go on an internship abroad in the country of Pablo Escobar!

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