The culinary specialties in Colombia! The country of tropical paradise, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, offers you 10 typical dishes that will make your mouth water during your internship in Colombia

For those who like a hearty breakfast, Colombia offers you La Changua, which is a milk and soft egg soup. 

And if you’re feeling peckish? Indulge in a delicious meaty shoe, known as Empanadas

There are also The carimañolas, which are cassava fritters, filled with meat! They can also be filled with pork if you prefer!

I’m sure you’ll love The Tamal at the same time! A kind of cornbread filled with pork, rice and chicken. Something to fill your belly with.

Our dear vegetarian friends…we are happy to tell you that La Gamitana is one of the best fishes of the Amazon. Or The patarasca which is a preparation of fish cooked with saffron and turmeric, in a banana leaf. 

One of the Colombian specialties that you absolutely must try is… The Pusandao de carne. A revisited broth, with dried meat, chicken, potatoes, eggs, cassava.

For dessert, you have several choices available to you.The Mantecada, a cornmeal cake flavored with vanilla, or even tropical fruits, because as you know, Colombia is the paradise of fruit! you will have the chance to discover unknown fruits such as the curuba, or, guanabana which are!

Finally, to help you digest all these dishes, I suggest you try their delicious fruit juices. Yogurt or passion fruit? there are all kinds! 
So if all these dishes have made your mouth water and you want to discover them during your internship in Colombia, it’s here!