You have to do an internship but you’re done of the French greyness? Leave for an internship abroad! Head to Southern Europe to work under the sun, and be able to Combine chill and skills during your internship abroad!

An internship in Crete!

Doing an internship on an island like Crete is like a dream! You will be able to enjoy the sun and the warmth that are present throughout the year on one of the many beaches and coves of the island. Or go for a trip in one of its canyons. Also to have fun in a water park after your day’s work! Speaking about work, tourism is of course the sector that recruits the most, as well as the hotel, catering and trade.

An internship in Greece!

Apart from Crete, Greece offers many possibilities for working, especially in Athens, and Thessaloniki  who recruit mainly in the fields of Marketing, Communication, Business Development and Tourism. If you are looking for more tropical landscapes, you can also go to the Cyclades, with its many islands that attract the whole world, like Mykonos or Santorini. You can very easily find an internship in tourism or even in the night world ! No matter where you’re going, every night after your work day. And during your week-ends, you’ll be able to enjoy the omnipresent sun!

Or an internship in Italy!

If you prefer to go closer to France, other countries exist! Leaving for an internship in Italy will be an unforgettable experience! You can go to Milan or Florence, but Sicily, Naples or Rome. Their beaches will be more suitable to chill!  Main areas of activity are similar to those of Greece. The only difference is that you will eat pizzas for your break!

The hardest thing to do now is to choose the country you prefer. And if you want more information : contact us !