The culinary specialties of Czech Republic are abundant and succulent! 🙂 They mix German and Austrian influences, and are often based on pork, cabbage and starch. They also found a nice name for that: Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (pork-quenelle-cabbage). When you go to do your internship in Europe, and therefore an internship in the Czech Republic, you will think of us who have made you want to go there so much .. 🙂

The Polévky soup

Polévky soup is the national soup made from potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. If you are a big eater, and you like the good food. You also have the variant of garlic soup, well that I have not tested, seems like a very strong soup …


The ultimate specialty (stale bread, egg and flour and yeast): it replaces the bread down. It filled the belly like oooh c’mon, prepare to drool!


At home, we have beef tartar, at home, they have Tatarak, and they love it! It is accompanied by bread rubbed with garlic, egg and spices. It is delicious ! 🙂

The Medovnik

It’s a sweet cake with honey, biscuit and hazelnut cream. It is eaten alone! Really !


Waffle dough, cooked in cylindrical form. You can add what you want: chips of hazelnuts, cream, nutella, sugar, honey … You can eat in most countries of Eastern Europe. I had the opportunity to eat in Romania, and to eat one in full, you must prepare. It’s kinda impossible to finish everything! It’s good, but a little sickening.

The Bramborak

Potato pancakes, with olive oil and marjoram. Forced to believe that they use garlic everywhere in the appetizers or entrees (hopefully not in the desserts).So ?

An International Internship? An internship in Europe? and if you have a better idea an internship in the Czech Republic? Oh damn, we are waiting for you to talk about my son! When you are ready, contact us !