Are you looking for an internship in the Czech Republic? We have exactly what you need because Czechs are great Francophiles!

Description of the Czech Republic
This is a great country to live in, where you can discover a new culture that you may not have made. Indeed, the Czech culinary speciality is mainly knedlik made from flour and bread baked in water.

In addition, Prague has become the leading tourist destination in Eastern Europe. A simple internship in the Czech Republic for a few months could suit you. This country has a huge architectural heritage, with castles that have grown up all over the place.

Week of the French-speaking world
Whether in Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Liberec, Ostrava, Pardubice or Plzen, you will always find a place to practice or practice French in the Czech Republic. The Week of the French-speaking world is a highlight of the national operation “dis-moi dix mots” (tell me ten words). Every year, ten words are honoured. For the 2017-2018 school year, the ten words that have been chosen are: accent, bagou, griot, jactance, ohé, placoter, susurrer, truculent, voix, volubile.

An internship in the Czech Republic, a guaranteed difference?
As soon as you finish your studies, when the long-awaited moment comes to look for work, you will be confronted with the hard law of competition. More and more people are redoubling their imagination through their application with a creative and original CV. In addition to form, international experience is an important asset. More than half of the companies say they prefer an international application. The Czech Republic is therefore one more chance to personalize your CV.

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