Hello youngster! Or not so young, because maybe you’re a parent, or a teacher. “Sebastian, you can be young and be a parent or a teacher.” That’s true: but I say what I want.

A startup internship in the Netherlands, what does it involve?

First of all, that you speak very good English. Really, you have to have a very good level, otherwise it’s not going to go well. And we really speak from experience: some teachers and students have exaggerated the English levels of young people, and every time the result is the same. Dismissed, pure and simple. So you lose your internship, your self-confidence by the way, and you risk losing your diploma. So, an internship in a startup, or even in the Netherlands for that matter: you have to be autonomous in English, otherwise it’s not worth it.

What kind of startup in the Netherlands?

So, of course, a little bit of everything. But the Netherlands is still specialised in FinTech, which is quite successful in the land of tulips, and also in pharmaceutical-related technology. There are also a few startups in the nautical or marine technology sector, but they are located in Rotterdam.

What skills are required to work as a startup?

It all depends on the need of the instant actually! But technical profiles as generalists can be interesting. As a startup, we have been able to place people in engineering schools, such as IUT, BTS or business school: anything is possible; it’s rather variable according to 1) the company’s need 2) your requirements. Young startups are generally not in a position to pay.

If you want to do your internship as a startup in the Netherlands, just contact us, and we will build with you the best project abroad!

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