Do your BTS CI internship in Greece! This is an excellent choice that you are sure to find something to suit you: Between culture and relaxation, here is Greece and the destinations that International Horizons proposes for your internship abroad.

BTS CI internship in Athens
The capital that needs no introduction! Heart of ancient Greece, you will not have time to get bored after your internship in prospecting! I can only recommend you to visit the Acropolis Museum. By the way! If you’re too hot, you’ll also find beaches in Athens that are worth a visit 🙂

BTS CI course in Thessaloniki

The fav’ desti of the Team in Greece. Port city, very pleasant for its quality of life. It is the second largest city and port in Greece and is full of opportunities for your internship abroad in BTS CI. Thessaloniki is also a city with large terraces and cafes where you can relax after your internship. As Tchoupy from the team would say BEWARE of the ambushes, the festive atmosphere will take you away quickly 🙂

BTS CI internship in Heraklion

Greece wouldn’t be Greece if it didn’t have its islands! Heraklion, the first city of Krete, is an ultra safe city for your internship abroad. I have been there personally -Hugo- and the quality of life is incredible. The people are super friendly, the pace is chill… In short, tip top 

BTS CI course in Santorini

Life on the archipelago is not the most economical, but if you prepare your BTS CI internship in Greece early enough, it is largely possible. What can I say, the landscapes of the best insta-postings are offered to you: the blue roofs, the transparent sea… Fun fact: no less than 5000 cats are present on the island. 

BTS CI internship in Patras
Located in the Peloponnese peninsula, Patras. It is the third most important city of the country and is known for its industrial port, which is a source of opportunities for your BTS CI internship in Import Export. Patras is an underrated city with a young and very festive population 🙂

Now you know more about all the International Horizons destinations for your BTS CI internship in Greece. Do you have a project? Do you want to talk about it? It’s happening here 🙂