You can do your BTS CI internship in Sweden, however: hang on to your wallet because BE CAREFUL with your budget, it will burn a lot of money. But, once you’re past this big budget stage, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself: Sweden is an incredible country, the people are very welcoming, and there are a lot of possibilities for doing your BTS CI internship abroad!

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Stockholm!

I repeat it but, be careful with the budget: Stockholm is an expensive city. With a minimum wage of around 2000€, you might as well say that rents are above the French level. Plus, as the country produces little, it imports a lot. Stockholm is an incredible city, with a lot of activities: cultural outings, art, bars and restaurants, you have enough to have fun for several weeks without ever repeating yourself. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Malmö! 

Like the rest of the country, Malmö is expensive. However, its geographical position has its advantages. Smaller than Stockholm, the city is still very dynamic, and is in close proximity to Copenhagen, Denmark. Bored at the weekend or run out of things to do? You can get to Copenhagen in 45 minutes by train and enjoy a European capital. Its location makes it an ideal destination for BTS CI students as there is a lot of trade with the rest of Europe, with its port. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Gothenburg!

THE student city in Sweden. Many ERASMUS students come here to do their academic semester, so to meet people and experience the Spanish hostel, it’s ideal! The city is beautiful, big but human-sized and very pleasant to live in. It is young, dynamic and very lively. 

If you want to do your BTS CI internship in Sweden, International Horizons and its team can find your internship abroad, in compliance with the academic requirements of the BTS CI: go ahead and contact us!