Doing your BTS SAM internship in Lithuania is more than possible! It is even a very good idea: snow or sun, depending on the time of year, cheap life and the beautiful streets of Vilnius.  

A first professional experience, outside your comfort zone

Vilnius is a small capital: you can’t get lost. However, on a CV it is very valuable for two reasons. The first is that you will always speak English, since you don’t speak Lithuanian. The second reason is that few people dare to go to Lithuania, because of a lack of knowledge, so it makes a difference! Don’t worry, it’s 2 hours from Paris by plane, with flights every day: it’s hardly longer than going to Italy.

The Country for travel 

It is central! With a visa you can visit Belarus, and without one you can always take a bus to Estonia, Latvia or a ferry to Finland or Stockholm. You can do a lot of travelling for less!

A country with many facets

The cultural difference with France is very big, each region has its own specificities. Local customs are numerous and you will never get bored. All landscapes are accessible in Lithuania, and they are very varied: the sea, passing by vineyards… plenty of things to discover, and just as much for your BTS SAM internships, since Lithuania offers hundreds of opportunities: in startups, in SMEs etc.

An internship in Europe 

To go to Lithuania you don’t need a passport or a visa from France! The local currency is the euro, which makes it easier to trade with merchants. 

You now have an overview of the basics to know for your BTS SAM internship in Lithuania, if you want to know more, discuss your project with a member of the team, it is here.