Doing an engineering internship in Estonia: and why not? Why not combine a change of scenery with an internship abroad? Estonia is a country that is looking for an engineer profile and of course, the team finds your internship in Estonia in line with your expectations! Come on, a little reading 🙂

Doing an engineering internship in Estonia: why?

Estonia has a strong development potential and is very demanding in terms of engineering profiles of all types: it is the start-up nation of the East! Its economy is 99% digitalized: the e-card of vote, the e-card of digital identity, everyone can be an e-citizen of Estonia! It is now a land of developers and engineers recognized in Europe and the world (TransferWise is Estonian for example!).

Doing an engineering internship in Estonia: the cost of living

During your internship in Estonia, the cost of living will be 35% lower than in France! Afterwards, if you do your internship in Tallinn, as in every capital city, the cost of living will be much higher. For your student accommodation costs between 250 and 300 euros, a beer is about 3 euros, bus tickets are about 1 euro, restaurants between 5 and 8 euros … In short, budget-wise, it should do the trick! In supermarkets, on the other hand, you will find about the same prices as in France.

Doing an engineering internship in Estonia: the premises

Like most northern countries, Estonians seem cold at first glance. You’ll have to spend some time with them to make nice friendships, but it will be worth it. People are super honest! Also, almost all the young people speak English: no worries about the language on that side. If you need to go through any administrative procedures, it will be the same: all in English!

So don’t hesitate for your internship in Estonia, you will be as surprised as we are ! No doubt that you will have a good internship abroad there, we guarantee it. So contact us 😉