BTS CI internship in Malta: let’s go! You feel ready for your first experience abroad and you have chosen Malta as your destination. Congratulations, you didn’t make a mistake! You have chosen to combine work and sunshine, and frankly it smells like sea spray from here. 

But what are the good reasons to do an internship in Malta? 

English Language

And yes! You probably know it, but the island is mostly English-speaking and if you are even lucky, there are also French-speaking people on Malta. A real safety net during your internship abroad. 

An island on a human scale! 

You will never really be lost. Malta is 246 km², which finally represents a vast playground, cultural outings… Just think that the driving is on the left in Malta, think about it when you cross the street! The real plus is that you are in a nice country, but not too far from your parents 🙂

Maltese companies

For your internship of B.T.S. C.I. we are not going to lie to each other in terms of prospecting or export of products you will not find what you are looking for. However, if your training center is more free or gives you the opportunity to work in the sale of services, you’ll be over the moon because there is a plethora of service companies in many different fields in Malta.

The weather

It is good to live in Malta, and the team can testify to that! From February on, we walk around in T-shirt without forcing and we keep the same outfit until after 10 pm. Winters are generally mild.

Now you know more about your future BTS CI internship in Malta! If you are interested in the adventure of an internship abroad, do not hesitate to contact us 😉