I am in Lithuania, where can I travel during my internship abroad? And this is a very good question if you are doing your internship in Lithuania, you will have no choice: you will have to travel and discover the beautiful places scattered in Lithuania, but also in the surrounding countries.

Vilnius, without a doubt

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have given you the same advice, but since then the city has been renovated, and the airport now has direct flights to most European capitals and major cities. The city has been transformed, it’s a good place to live. It’s a small capital city, so you can do everything on foot, and discover the incredible Lithuanian and Baltic architecture. There are many things to do in this Eastern European capital.

Trakai, for culture

Trakai is very close to Vilnius and accessible by train for less than 5 euros. You can discover a splendid castle and a part of Lithuanian history, or go hiking in the Lithuanian countryside. Very nice, the landscapes are different from the ones we know. If you are there in winter, the temperatures are freezing, but the snowy landscape will leave you breathless, and completely changes the configuration compared to summer.

Tallinn, of course

Tallinn is just a few miles away, and less than two hours drive. You can enjoy this absolutely incredible medieval capital with its rich history. In addition, you can meet many young Finns, who come to party at the weekend to take advantage of the much more attractive rates than in Helsinki. Tallinn is also the digital city: you can become an e-citizen in a few clicks on the internet!

Riga, the Beautiful

A little Paris. It is – personally – my favourite Baltic capital: the architecture is very amazing, with very distinct districts, everything is to be seen! You can wander around the city day and night, there is always something to do. In winter, the terraces remain full, with the scent of mulled wine, and the beer takes its place as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, with a nightlife that has nothing to envy to other cities. Riga is just around the corner, so go for it!

We loved Lithuania and have been there so many times that we can only recommend it! If you call us, we will tell you all about Vilnius for your internship abroad! So for your internship in Lithuania: contact us!