I am in Slovenia: Where do I travel during my internship abroad? I am in Slovenia: Where to travel during my internship abroad? Would you like to book a weekend to discover new horizons? Austria and its traditions, Italy and its wonderful architecture, Croatia and its festive beaches… There is something for everyone!

Heading for Austria
The cities of Klagenfurt or Graz, the lakes of Carinthia, located relatively close to the Slovenian border, are among the most coveted tourist destinations in the country. All this is only an hour away! And if you have the courage to go further afield, go and discover the folklore traditions of Tyrol or the magnificent capital city of Vienna.

Heading for Italy
Of course Venice! Impossible to miss one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Discover the magnificent architecture of the square and the Basilica of Saint Mark, the emblematic activity of Venice which is the gondola tour. And being able to taste the local Italian cuisine, we all dream of it! You can go by bus to Udine, Venice or the beautiful city of Trieste. Yes, Venice is not so far away, only 4 hours by bus: and by the way, flights from Venice to Paris are 20€.

Heading for Croatia
What do you say we go party a little bit and blow off steam? In a paradisiacal setting in addition, the magnificent beaches all along the coast to spend great evenings. Hvar, Pag or Tisno and more… If you are not in a party mood don’t worry, there is the magnificent Plitvice Lakes National Park, Dubrovnik, aka The Pearl of Dalmatia, and its huge ramparts.

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