Your internship in Malta ? An english speaking sunny island, what else ? We must admit that as a first line, we made you dream, but believe us, Malta is not only a touristic island, we just can’t number its advantages. Read this article, and then, fly towards Malta !

Budget for your internship in Malta

Cheap and not cheap, all depends on the timing. During summer, short-let accommodation will be more expensive than during the whole year. Anyway, the country is affordable : daily shopping is still cheaper than in western countries. No worries, we are going to calculate your budget according to your internship period.

What you need to know

Before coming to Malta, you need to know that this is a really small island, and it will be difficult to visit other countries while working as an intern in Malta. Indeed, airlines are not really cheap! But Malta is a real crossroad between Europe and Africa : this is a language crossroad. The ideal countries to make great meetings ! Moreover, this is a country where living is a easy way : beach, culture, cocktails by the sea, this will be your daily stuff during your days off.

Your internship in Malta

Each internship project is tailor-made. Malta can’t be limited to its touristic industry, its restaurants nor its hotels. This is a dynamic country, specially in aquaculture, energies, water sports, importation & exportation, agrifood, and many others… What else ? Management is really simplified, and there are no many hierarchies.

Before contacting us, be sure your CV in English is ready. No worries, before starting looking for Maltese companies, we will study your CV and correct it if needed, and make some suggestion to improve it, in order to maximise your chance to find the best  internship in Malta.

You want to do an internship in Malta ? You are fully right, contact us ! And be ready to pack your things, soon you will be flying away to Malta !