Hey, how about Slovenia for your internship abroad? International Horizons offers you the opportunity to do an internship in the country of your dreams, but before you do, we’ll tell you about the local customs of the country and you’ll see that Slovenia is really nice.


The beach
Slovenia has a small coastline – only 30 miles away – but there is a place to swim. Portorož is Coney Island, Blackpool and Bondi Beach in one.

They don’t like to argue
The annual peace index ranks Slovenia seventh out of 163 countries. You won’t have to worry about it there, Slovenians are not bad people.

The beehive and honey are practically a religion in Slovenia – there are about 90,000 beekeepers in a population of only two million. Indeed, beekeeping is an integral part of the identity of a country that needs all the distinctive features it can get. I hope for your sake that you like honey!

Slovenia is surprisingly affordable to visit. It is perhaps one of the most affordable places in Central Europe in fact.

The language
English is widely spoken in my experience and you should be able to get by. Almost all Slovenes know a foreign language.

Slovenia is a very outdoor country, with many opportunities to try all kinds of sports, both familiar and more unusual. Gentle hiking in the hills is one option, but many extreme sports are also available. You can try mountain biking, skiing or even rafting.

The food
Slovenian cuisine is influenced by neighbouring countries such as Italy and Austria, so you will find many restaurants serving schnitzel or pizza.

In general, Slovenians are very chatty and have a very good sense of humour.

You see, Slovenia is not ridiculous! Contact us here to do your internship abroad.