Partying in Europe! Yes, going abroad for an internship is also about partying. If it’s to stay indoors and not meet anyone, you might as well stay in France! Can you combine big resoi and an internship abroad? In Slovenia, Hungary, or even Cyprus? Go for a few leases to have a little fun!

Going out for your internship in Slovenia
The Slovenian coast is a little less festive than its Croatian neighbour! There is nevertheless Portoroz, very dynamic at night with its nightclubs and numerous bars. Many students go to the bar and this destination is becoming more popular among young Europeans. In Ljubljana, you have the banks of the river that runs through the city: bars, concerts, nightclubs, a really cosy and fresh atmosphere. And the pints (or mojitos, depending on your taste) are so expensive. If you’re a fan of Heavy Metal, in Tolmin, every year the Metalcamp is held, good prog and it’s starting to be well known! You have a lot to do if you do your internship in Slovenia!

Partying during your workshop in Hungary
Of course Budapest is in the top 3 cities to party in! One of the best European destinations to party: Big spring break in the summer! The Jewish quarter of the city is getting more dynamic and the old industrial wastelands are being renovated into bars and clubs (I recommend this place)! The ruin pubs also between rock and gypsy jazz. I also fell in love with Morisson’s pub, which I had been told it had different atmospheres: billiard rooms, dance floors, bars … it’s one of the big festive places of the capital. To do also, the hot baths in the centre of the town, whether during the day or in the evening, the atmosphere changes completely! Then there is the Sziget festival, one of the biggest European festivals: 450 000 festival-goers 😉 and so many other things that you won’t have time to get bored during your stay in Hungary.

Easy also for your internship in Ibiza
Now, buddy, we’re getting to very, very heavy. The biggest nightclubs in Europe: The Pasha, Amnesia and many others in A. Ibiza is THE place to party: don’t think that your internship abroad won’t be qualitative. For the evening side, except nightclub, you can go party H24 on Playa d’em Bossa: shower on the beach, DJs who relay all the time, it’s crazy. You can also go to the North of Eivissa and go to Beniras for the hippie parties with the traditional midnight bath, clairvoyance sessions etc.

Well, all the cities are quite festive, but honestly if you like the nightlife, I recommend you to avoid the Scandinavian or Baltic countries! Partying in Europe and combining work experience abroad, the foot. For more info and tips: contact us!

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