Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. These three countries in North East Europe have a unique historical and cultural legacy from both East and West. If you love history and nature, the Baltic countries are a prime destination for your internship in Europe. The Baltic countries, a cultural bridge between East and West.

Between wild nature and architectural diversity, the Baltic countries will take you to the heart of a culture mixing East and West.

Estonia, elegant contrast between modernity and history

Estonia will seduce you with its attractions for modernity that are perfectly combined with the history of the country. Red tiles, churches and old castles come to blend with the modernity of the place. Do your internship in Estonia will be the opportunity to discover its historic port which has earned its international fame.

Lithuania, a cultural and historical crossroads

Come and enjoy the cultural diversity of the biggest country of the Baltic countries during your internship in Lithuania. Lithuania is the country with the most torment and today has cultural and historical origins from Poland, Russia and Germany. While strolling in the typical Lithuanian cities, you will meet various monuments of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance influences.

Latvia, a medieval country

Going to an internship in Latvia will allow you to ally history, sumptuous beaches and extravagant nightlife. The explosive mixture of Russian, German and Swedish culture offers travelers a unique Latvian architecture. As a student and history buff, come and do your internship in Latvia, you will not be disappointed!

A varied and intact nature

The Baltic countries offer a welcoming and fascinating nature. Estonia and its mysterious forest will accompany you on your long hikes. During your internship in Latvia, you will be able to sail on one of its 3000 lakes. Lithuania, meanwhile, will reserve you long trips along the Baltic beaches.

Come and do your internship in Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia and discover a unique culture shared between East and West. Do not hesitate any more, contact us, we will listen to you to find your ideal internship!