Want to go on an internship in the Czech Republic? Here is an article by International Horizons about the Czech Republic. Here we give you tips for your internship in this unique country in Europe. 

Is the Czech Republic a safe country? 

On the whole, you take very few risks when you go to the Czech Republic, especially in big cities like Prague. Of course, as in all cities, there are places and districts that you should avoid. The Czech Republic is a safe country, but be careful not to get picked pockets by pickpockets in tourist places or at night. To get around you can use Uber or Bolt in the big cities. In case of problems, even if there are very few robberies, there is a special police service to protect tourists. So you don’t have to worry about anything, you can go to the Czech Republic without fear.

In the Czech Republic, what currency is used? And the cost of living, roughly speaking?

In the Czech Republic, you have to use the Czech crown to pay. To put it simply, 1 Czech crown is equivalent to 0.0041 euros, and yes, life is cheaper than in France. The Czech Republic will eventually switch to the Euro, but for the time being you will have to exchange currency for your trip. Overall, life is 35% cheaper than in France, so you can easily treat yourself.

What to experience in the Czech Republic?

During your internship in the Czech Republic, you will come back to France with a lot of cool and unique experiences to tell. Taking the city of Prague as an example, you will be able to meet many Erasmus students and Czech students who will be happy to chat with you. You will also be able to enjoy the party atmosphere with your new group of friends with a lot of short-lived bars that are set up in big cities like Prague.

Languages spoken in the Czech Republic

As far as language is concerned, once you are here you will be able to communicate in Czech if you have that talent, but otherwise Czechs generally speak English and German well. The latter are compulsory languages in Czech education.

The Czech Republic, what documents do I need to go there?

If you want to stay in the Czech Republic for less than 3 months you only need your national identity card or passport, and if you are European you don’t need anything else, no visa is required. For more than 3 months you will need to apply for a residence certificate, the application is free and is processed within 60 days.

The Czech Republic is really an atypical country in Europe, easy to reach, safe, and where you will be able to meet a lot of Erasmus or local people. Are you convinced? contact us!