Top 10 anecdotes about Finland! Because we’re all fans of these juicy facts about your destination country for an internship abroad. So I won’t insult you by telling you that the first one will surprise you 😉

Nokia :

You weren’t expecting this one! But tell me, what does this have to do with Finland? Well Nokia is Finnish! And a little bonus by the way: it was the biggest phone manufacturer from 1998 to 2012. The sweet sound of snake on your 3310 *Nostalgia*

Population :

It is the least densely populated country in the EU! Only 16 inhabitants per Km2.

Right of access to Nature : 

This is THE country for outdoor lovers. In Finland, you can camp, fish and hike wherever you want.

You already speak a word of Finnish. 

Sauna! And it’s a real institution there! Don’t hesitate to test the experience, of course. 

Finns could work at International Horizons.

You know what the main fuel at HI is? Coffee, of course! And our consumption is industrial, and yet the Finns are not too far from our consumption: 12Kg on average per year and per person. I hope you like it before you leave for your internship in Finland.

Bad luck for the +10 

Don’t you know the plus-ten? The +10 are those who earn more than 10K a month. Bg if you have the ref. Trève de digressions, in Finland fines are indexed to your salary. So if you have a minister’s salary, avoid testing your Porsche on Finnish roads with your rolex on your wrist before you turn 50, of course, otherwise you’ve missed your life. CF Jacques Séguéla.


This is the capital of Lapland! And what do you find in Lapland? Santa Claus. That alone is worth the detour. After giving him a kiss and telling him how wise you were this year, you can also observe the northern lights because it’s a great spot.

October 13th

What can happen in Finland on October 13th? Well, the day of failure. Indeed this day is dedicated to bad luck in the country, to learn lessons for your future. Do not hesitate to share your misadventures during your internship abroad. 

Heavy Metal 

This is the country for fans of saturated guitars and rather energetic music. If you’re already a customer of this kind of music I’m sure you have the right refs.

Angry Birds

Rovio, the development studio for this mobile game you’ve probably already played is Finnish!

What’s up? If you are interested in the adventure of the workshop in Finland, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂