As a country with various activities, you can learn more about life in vie à Copenhague. You won’t be bored!

Copenhague : 

Welcome to a city of culture and history! Built on two islands and criss-crossed by canals, it is a human-sized metropolis accessible on foot or by bike, as a couple or with the family. It is also the city, where contemporary design and architecture go hand in hand with gardens and royal palaces.

Aarhus :

The country’s second largest city, has a strategic location on the east coast in an important industrial port area. You can take a stained glass circle tour. The tourist can see the city as if through a rainbow. Møllestien Street is one of those must-sees that are worth a visit if you are looking for something to do.

Roskilde :

A beautiful city where you discover a lot of tourists. Dotted with beautiful modern houses, magnificent cathedrals and several museums. You will be right next to the island Zeeland! You will see small villages at the seaside surrounded by forest.

Odense : 

Odense is a historic city on an island in southern Denmark. It is impossible to get bored once you visit it. It has several attractions like the history museum, the church, many castles, the cinema, etc. You will feel like you are living in a dream.

Aalborg : 

A young and vibrant city with nice old streets, some of the best living areas in the country and, most importantly, one of the most beautiful modern museums we have ever seen.

Kolding : 

We can start the tour of the city’s sights with its main street. There you will find some great stores, galleries, exhibitions and also visit the Art Museum.But not that you will find some bars but also nature and a small lake in the city center.

Silkeborg : 

Known as the outdoor capital of Denmark, it has more than 50 lakes and forest areas that stretch over 224km. It is the largest natural area in the country. Combined with its cultural and artistic heritage, it is the ideal destination for young people and families to come for new experiences and time to relax.

Taastrup : 

This is a beautiful town and shopaholics are the main shopping street, Køgevej. Great for getting away from the surrounding towns, but it’s also close enough to have easy access to all the attractions.

Horsens : 

Very good, needless to say perfect, for meetings between students from all over the world! Totally immersive student parties almost every weekend. Really great! A big YES! If you want to improve your English, live exclusively in a university with different cultures, or do an internship abroad.

Esberg : 

You’ll have the chance to cross the sea of charming downtown stores and fascinating museums and art galleries in the city. If you have a sporty side, you can rent and ride or hit the waves in the North Sea on a kiteboard. But you can also go to ice hockey or soccer games.

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