Top 10 visits to Koper: the opportunity to know a little more about this beautiful city of Slovenia! At the crossroads between Western Europe and the Balkans, Slovenia is a discreet country where the art of living is soothing. Today, we propose you a little trip on Koper, this jewel on the Mediterranean side. So, before leaving for an internship in Slovenia, a small

Top 10 visits to Koper!

Koper is a municipality in Slovenia with over 50000 inhabitants. It is one of the largest urban municipalities in the country. The city is quite special : the official languages ​​of the country are equal between Slovenian and Italian, it is a bilingual city. It should be noted that Slovenians have the highest average in Europe for language levels. 3.2 languages ​​are spoken on average by the inhabitants.

1 / Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower: This cathedral is known as the Church of the Assumption. It is located in the center of Tito Square and offers the possibility for visitors to climb to the top. Its breathtaking view of the city makes it a must-see monument!

2 / Praetorian Palace: The palace is also located on Tito Square. With a rich historical culture, it helps to better understand the history of the city. In addition, the palace in tandem with the cathedral makes Tito Square a beautiful place to visit!

3 / Vinakoper: This “temple” lists many fine wines, it is one of the largest wine and wine cellars in Istria.

4 / Škocjanski zatok: The park is ideal for families, couples or for jogging. Indeed, the trail is quite short but not too much (2km) and you can escape for a moment. It lists several species of birds and other animals.

5 / Koper Regional Museum: This museum dates from 1911, it is the municipal history museum. It represents the cultural heritage of Primorska region in Slovenia. During the visit, count on average 1 to 2 hours of visits to make the turn. You will then be integrated in its cultural universe which will allow you to better understand the history of the city.

You made 50% of the way, you know asap the whole city 

6 / Muda Gate: This is the gateway to the old town of Koper: this “triumphal arch” is very much inspired by Venice.

7 / Koper trip: Like many coastal cities, Koper offers visitors and locals “Koper trip”. Excursions are conducted off the Slovenian islands where numerous islands. Caves can be visited for the greatest joy of the visitors!

8 / Dragonja River: This body of water offers a magnificent view to visitors. Ideal for swimming in the summer, this peaceful place attracts many people.

9 / the caves in Slovenia: Slovenia is known for its many caves, the best known are the caves of Skocjan and Psotojna. These two caves are part of the largest caves in the country.

10 / Da Ponte Fountain: Finally, to conclude this top 10, “Da Ponte Fountain” located in the old center of Koper is very welcoming, its architecture making it impressive in the city.

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