Top 5 countries where to do your internship in BTS CI ? You are in your second year of BTS International Commerce: well done, baby. And to finish your year in style, you have to do an internship abroad. It’s the fire! The perfect opportunity to discover another country while working in a company: a rather nice way to fill in your CV. The thing is, you still have a lot of choices in front of you, in terms of countries. So, International Horizons gives you an update on the top 5 countries where you can do an internship in prospecting. Hang in there like a panda, here we go for your life blog.

To make it clearer, we’re even doing it in order of priority: from the most expensive country to the least expensive!

Internship in the Netherlands
We’re not going to lie to each other, doing an internship in Amsterdam is very, very nice. It’s nice, the people are cool and tolerant, they speak very good English and the nightlife is pretty stylish. An internship in prospecting, no worries, we’ll help you find it. The population is rather francophile, and many companies want to develop their markets, so they are looking for interns in prospecting. Now, you still need to have an idea of the price of housing: it’s far from being a gift. The best thing to do is to share a flat with other students, otherwise in a studio, you risk losing an arm (and we don’t like that). So a great place to do an internship in BTS CI if you have a budget set aside!

Internship in Ireland
The essential Ireland to work in English in the most traditional irish style. No doubt about it: Ireland is booming economically, it’s recruiting quite a lot. Dublin is a great capital, not too big and very international: the ideal place to make friends from all over the world, and to keep working in English in the evening. Galway, Cork, Sligo: these 3 cities are very cool too, smaller, quieter too if you prefer tranquillity (Dublin is really very festive). Living in Ireland is not the same price as living in Amsterdam or London, but you still have to get a small ticket for your roommate. Count at least 500€ for a roommate’s room.

Internship in Spain
Wherever you go in Spain to do your internship in BTS CI, we can already say that it will be in the sun. At this time of the year, no doubt you will love it. Several sectors are quite fond of internships in international prospecting: food processing, cosmetics and also the automotive industry. If you do your internship in Spain, the big advantage is also that most cities are not too expensive: Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Madrid, Bilbao: your shared rent should not exceed 400€. Plus, you’re improving your Spanish, so it’s perfect. In short, an internship in Spain is the ideal country where you can combine sunshine, cheap living, language improvement, and an internship in prospecting.

Internship in Malta
If Ireland does not enchant you, and the sun is life, BOUM directs the course in Malta. The island abounds in companies, and the country is growing and looking to develop its international markets. For the roommate, estimates the budget at 400€ per month. Be careful to get a head start: the country is very much in demand!

Internship in Greece
Internship in Greece, that’s the right plan. Life costs nothing, the sun is guaranteed, the water is turquoise, and everyone speaks English! Greece has a lot of import-export companies, so we can help you find your internship, no worries. Price of a studio in Athens? Around 200€. Come on, let’s stop there, otherwise you’ll never come back from your internship in Greece, you little rascal.

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