Estonia is a blend of modernity and tranquillity. For trendy, tech-savvy youngsters: don’t worry, Estonia is the absolutely perfect blend of modernity and nature. Let’s take a look at the top 8 most fun cities in Estonia!


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a fascinating city that combines history, culture, architectural beauty and vibrant city life. With its medieval old town, charming cobbled streets and many iconic sites, Tallinn offers an unforgettable experience. Here’s why you should explore Tallinn and enjoy all it has to offer:

Tallinn’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a veritable historical treasure trove. You can stroll through the narrow cobbled streets, discover beautifully preserved medieval buildings and explore picturesque courtyards. Don’t miss the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville with its Gothic town hall, the Place du Marché and the Viru Gate, which offer a glimpse into the city’s fascinating history. For a breathtaking panoramic view of Tallinn, climb up to the Kohtuotsa observation platform for a spectacular view of the rooftops of the Old Town and the Baltic Sea in the distance. Don’t forget to visit the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, an impressive architectural masterpiece that bears witness to the Russian influence on the city.

Art and culture lovers will be delighted by Tallinn’s many museums and art galleries. The Kumu Art Museum houses a vast collection of Estonian art, from the Middle Ages to the present day, while the Estonian History Museum offers a captivating insight into the country’s history. And don’t miss the House of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads, a magnificently restored medieval building that hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

Tallinn is also renowned for its vibrant culinary scene. You can sample a variety of traditional Estonian dishes in the city’s many restaurants. Don’t miss the chance to try smörgåstårta, an Estonian speciality made up of layers of bread and delicious fillings, or verivorst, an Estonian blood sausage. Tallinn’s cafés and patisseries also offer a delicious selection of cakes and pastries to satisfy any sweet tooth. As for nightlife, Tallinn is full of lively bars and clubs where you can spend memorable evenings. The Kalamaja and Telliskivi districts are particularly popular for their trendy bars and cultural events. For a unique atmosphere, don’t miss the ‘Labor’ themed bar, where you can sip cocktails in a scientific laboratory environment. The Old Town district is also full of picturesque bars and lively places where you can enjoy the city’s festive atmosphere.

For a relaxing experience, head to Kadriorg Park, a magnificent green park where you can stroll, picnic and visit Kadriorg Palace, a sumptuous Baroque residence. If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss the chance to take a trip to the Lahemaa nature reserve near Tallinn, where you can discover unspoilt coastal landscapes, lush forests and historic manor houses.

In short, Tallinn is a city brimming with history, culture, culinary delights and a vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re wandering through the medieval streets of the old town, discovering art treasures in the museums, savouring traditional Estonian dishes or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the bars, you’ll be seduced by Tallinn’s authenticity and charm. So let yourself be carried away by this enchanting city and discover all it has to offer.


Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city, is a must-see destination for students. With a lively atmosphere, a dynamic student scene and a wealth of culture, Tartu offers a unique experience.

Tartu is a renowned university town, welcoming thousands of national and international students. The University of Tartu, founded in 1632, is one of the oldest in Europe. This creates a stimulating atmosphere and offers many opportunities for learning, research and exchanges with students from all over the world. Tartu’s old town is full of charm and history. The picturesque cobbled streets, historic buildings and lively cafés create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. You can explore Town Hall Square, Tartu Cathedral and many museums and art galleries. The National Museum of Estonia is also a must for delving into Estonian history and culture.

Tartu’s immediate surroundings offer beautiful nature to explore. Less than a 20-minute drive away are the banks of the Emajõgi River, where you can stroll along the banks, go cycling or even take a boat cruise. Parks and green spaces such as Toomemägi Park also offer peaceful places to relax and enjoy nature. There are also plenty of engineering-related companies if you ever want to do your engineering internship in Estonia! The others are possible too 😀

Tartu is also renowned for its vibrant arts and culture scene. You can attend concerts, plays, music and dance festivals, as well as art exhibitions. Young artists and creators find Tartu a fertile breeding ground for expressing themselves and sharing their talent.


Saaremaa, Estonia’s largest island, is a true paradise for nature lovers. With its unspoilt landscapes, magnificent beaches and tranquillity, Saaremaa offers a unique natural experience. Saaremaa is famous for its vast natural areas, with a wide variety of landscapes to explore. The island’s unspoilt nature includes dense forests, lush green meadows, spectacular cliffs and fields of wild flowers. You can stroll along hiking trails, marvel at coastal vistas and lose yourself in the tranquillity of nature.

The beaches of Saaremaa are simply breathtaking. The vast stretches of white sand and crystal-clear waters of the Baltic Sea create an idyllic setting in which to relax and recharge your batteries. The beaches of Kuressaare, Mändjala and Tagaranna are among the most popular, offering the ideal setting for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the surrounding nature.

The island is also home to a wealth of flora and fauna. The Vilsandi and Viidumäe nature reserves offer an abundance of migratory bird species, rare plants and wild animals. Nature lovers will have the chance to observe rare birds and discover unique ecosystems. Saaremaa is also renowned for its natural spas. The island’s medicinal mud and seaweed are used in wellness and relaxation treatments. You can enjoy revitalising mud baths and relaxing massages, all in a peaceful natural setting.


Pärnu, Estonia’s most popular seaside resort, is renowned for its sandy beaches, water sports and summer atmosphere. Pärnu is famous for its magnificent beaches, which stretch for miles along the coast of the Baltic Sea. Pärnu’s beaches are renowned for their fine golden sand and clear, shallow waters, ideal for swimming and beach games. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, a refreshing swim or water sports, Pärnu offers the ideal setting for enjoying the sea.

Pärnu’s palm-fringed beach promenade is a lively place to stroll, cycle or simply enjoy the summer atmosphere. The promenade is lined with cafés, restaurants and shops, providing a pleasant experience for relaxing, dining and shopping. Pärnu is also known for its many spas and wellness centres. You can enjoy relaxing treatments, thermal baths and massages to recharge your batteries and unwind. Pärnu’s spas offer a variety of therapeutic and wellness treatments, providing a revitalising experience for visitors in search of relaxation.

Pärnu’s lively nightlife is another of the town’s assets. Beach bars, clubs and discos provide a festive and entertaining atmosphere for those looking to enjoy the summer nightlife. Party-goers will find a variety of options for dancing, listening to music and having a good time with friends. Top 8 most fun cities in Estonia: let’s continue!


Narva, a fascinating city on the border between Estonia and Russia, is packed with history, culture and picturesque landscapes that are sure to capture your attention. One of Narva’s highlights is Narva Castle, an impressive medieval fortress dating back to the 14th century. A stroll around its walls will transport you back in time and let you imagine the turbulent history of the region. The panoramic view from the castle is breathtaking, with the Narva River on one side and Russia on the other.

Narva is also famous for its picturesque waterfalls, located close to the castle. The Narva Falls are the most powerful in Estonia and offer an impressive spectacle. Take a stroll along Kreenholm Park, which borders the river, to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and recharge your batteries. The town of Narva has a unique atmosphere and an interesting mix of Estonian and Russian cultures. You can immerse yourself in this cultural duality by exploring the lively streets, discovering the local architecture and meeting the friendly locals. It’s a great opportunity to discover the rich cultural diversity of the region.

Narva also offers a unique opportunity to cross the border between Estonia and Russia. The Ivangorod border crossing, located just opposite Narva Castle, allows you to take a walking tour of Russia. It’s a fun way to discover both countries in one visit. You can also go hiking!


Hiiumaa, Estonia’s second largest island, is a haven of peace and unspoilt nature. With its wild landscapes, lush forests and picturesque coastline, Hiiumaa offers a tranquil and authentic experience. Secluded beaches, iconic lighthouses and hiking trails offer opportunities for relaxation and discovery. Whether you want to stroll along deserted beaches, explore enchanted forests or visit picturesque villages, Hiiumaa is the ideal place for a peaceful escape in the heart of nature.


In Põlva, a charming little town in south-east Estonia, you’ll find a peaceful atmosphere and unspoilt natural surroundings. Surrounded by vast forests, sparkling lakes and picturesque landscapes, Põlva offers the chance to relax in the heart of nature. You can stroll along the shores of Lake Põlva, cycle the forest trails or explore the surrounding nature parks. The region is also full of historical and cultural sites, such as the Põlva Museum, where you can discover the local heritage. The warm and welcoming people of Põlva will make you feel right at home, and you can also enjoy delicious local specialities in the town’s restaurants and cafés.


Viljandi, a historic town in central Estonia, is known for its rich cultural heritage and enchanting natural surroundings. Dominated by the ruins of Viljandi Castle, the town offers a unique medieval atmosphere. Music and art festivals, such as the Viljandi Song Festival, attract artists and visitors from all over the world. Viljandi’s old town is full of charming alleyways, historic buildings and quaint cafés. The area around Viljandi also offers beautiful scenery, including Lake Viljandi and the surrounding hills, where you can hike, cycle or simply enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

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