Estonia is a mix of modernity and tranquility. For the young hipsters, don’t worry, this is a very modern country where you will have access to good wifi almost everywhere.

Tallinn : 

The old town is charming, authentic and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city looks like a big village, so you can see everything easily on foot. Take your time to admire the city, stop for a coffee or a meal in one of the good restaurants around the square. The beautiful view from the lookout and while lounging on the many small cobblestones of the old town.

Tartu : 

Tartu is a city both rich in history and dynamic. You can enjoy the art and student atmosphere by going for a drink or several in one of the many bars in the city.

Saaremaa : 

Estonia has over 1,500 islands. Among them, Saarema, the largest, offers a complete change of scenery for a great experience. Go down around the Kaali crater formed by the fall of a meteorite 3,500 years ago. Take advantage of your stay in Kuressaare to be pampered. Saaremaa also has no shortage of hiking trails: along the cliffs of Panga, up to the Sorve River or amidst the ruins of Maas or the medieval stone church set here in the landscape.

Pärnu : 

Favorite seaside resort of Estonians. Near the Baltic coast, you will be fascinated by the architectural fusion of the medieval buildings of the city, do not miss to visit the extraordinary beautiful wooden villa, bordered by the large sandy beach. Offering a nice balance of seaside fun, water sports, mud baths and relaxing parties, romance, art and culture, Pärnu is also a great place to meet Estonians.

Narva : 

Both a border town and an industrial port, Narva is just a bridge to Russia. After a short tour of the city center and an obligatory visit to Hermann’s fort, take a walk in the 19th century spa of Narva-Joesuu, very close to the city and along the beach you will be able to admire the villas and hotels of another time that border it.

Hiiumaa :

Located north of Saaremaa, Hiimuaa is a preserved monument, long unknown to tourists and still rarely visited. You will fall under the spell of its rich and varied nature, its sandy beaches, its lighthouses, an ideal stage for beautiful hikes or bike rides. Explore the surrounding islets by sea kayak, take a winter island tour along its snowy beaches.

Polva :

It is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area rich in diverse landscapes and attractions. Swimming in Lake Lïvajärv, visit to an open-air museum in Karilatsi. City full of history and monuments. An ideal place to recharge your batteries.

Viljandi : 

For the curious who wish to explore a much more picturesque Estonia, Viljandi offers a quieter and more natural face, only an hour’s drive from the Estonian capital. A good tip is to go there at the end of July during the Viljandi festival. The population doubles, the streets rumble, the music sounds, the drinks flow freely!

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