White tourism or mountain tourism promises the opportunity to do an internship in Europe in tourism but also an internship in the hotel and catering industry. But where is it really and in which countries of Europe could you do your internship? White tourism in Europe, how can you enjoy it?

Winter is here !

That’s it ! The winter is coming and quickly settled in Europe. The Christmas holidays are approaching and tourists will soon be flocking to the ski resorts. This is the opportunity for you to go to do your internship in the hotel catering and tourism in the European mountains.

Christmas in Finland

Discover Santa’s hometown; Rovaniemi in Finland. It is the dream city if you particularly like the world of Christmas. Between markets and Christmas reindeer, illuminations and snow, you will not be disappointed!

Christmas markets !

You like to walk in the alleyways of Christmas markets, smell the mulled wine mixed with that of gingerbread. If you’re addicted to the Christmas markets, go and do your internship in Europe! At Christmas time, markets are flourishing all over Europe: Cologne, Vienna and Munich are the most famous of them. Sweden, the nocturnalIf the permanent darkness of Sweden in winter does not scare you, you can come and contemplate its fairy northern lights. Winter activities are not lacking here; cross-country skiing and sleigh ride pulled by huskies are also on the program.

A quieter winter in Athens

If you want to spend a quieter winter during your internship in tourism or hospitality, Athens is the ideal city. Athens attracts millions of tourists each year, although they are less numerous in winter. You will have the opportunity to discover its unique historical heritage while avoiding mass tourism.

Come celebrate Christmas in Europe during your internship in tourism but also your internship in hotel and catering. International Horizons is here to find you the internship abroad that will meet your expectations. Contact us.